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a year without a queen ep [the drowned magicians]

Posted 02/04/11
Written by billy
a cufnosed circus presents a year without a queen, which was created by the drowned magicians between january 2010 & march 2011 at casa del'louique. 'capricieux' at bâtiment g, costa da walso, casa del'louique & the margins of some forest. 2011 a the drowned magicians a year without a queensomewhat myopically [navrovski,montgommery] 2 capricieux/an ode to 2.37 [navrovski/navrovski,montommery] 3 a lonely soul's naïveté [navrovski/montgommery,gomez,navrovski] 4 trench coat/capricieux [navrovski/navrovski,montgommery] 5 l'éclatement des arbres [gomez,navrovski] 6 capricieux/threshold [navrovski/navrovski,montgommery] 7 laura's film [montgommery] 8 tragedy/capricieux [navrovski/navrovski] music by güntherpierre montgommery billy navrovski & nuño gomez produced & mixed by nuño gomez vocals on laura's film by louiqe & jmvdl


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski