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a year with a queen ep [the drowned magicians]

Posted 15/04/12
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents a year with a queen to show what gp and billy sound like when they perform live with just the two of them. the audio quality may not be as good as we like [some songs were recorded with a phone or a photocamera] but we hope that the vibe of a live gig filters through.

2012 a the drowned magicians a year with a queen

how i'll lose my key [billy / montgommery, navrovski]
mystifying garderobe [gp, billy / navrovski, montgommery]
in a bar [billy,gp / montgommery]
somewhat myopically [navrovski, montgommery]
an ode to 2:39am [billy / montgommery]
darkening neon lights [gp, billy / navrovski, montgommery]
this skilful misleading [billy / montgommery]

the drowned magicians are
günther pierre montgomery &
billy navrovski

released on the first of april, 2012

"how i'll lose my key" and "mystifying garderobe" were recorded by philippe gyselbrecht at novanoïs, bruxelles [be]
"in a bar" and "an ode to 2:39am" were recorded at gp and billy's place
"somewhat myopically", "darkening neon lights" and "this skilful misleading" were recorded by jan franzen at muziekgieterij, maastricht [nl]


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski