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five sonatinae for guitar and bass ep [billy navrovski trio]

Posted 15/10/12
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents five sonatinae for guitar and bass by <b>billy navrovski trio</b> that was recorded the same week as the estuary selection, but without cresconio delarosa. a second layer of paint was added on the twentysecond of september 2012 under the influence of some unspecified stubbornness.

1. cisza przed burzą [navrovski, montgomery, beckins]
2. powoli tworzenie [montgomery, navrovski]
3. zgiełkliwy/turbulencja [navrovski/navrovski, montgomery, beckins]
4. i tak dalej [navrovski, montgomery, beckins]
5. wieczorna, pijana lampa [montgomery, navrovski]

there is some space for words, some for envision. movements of claps, carts or coïncidence and there's a hidden blues. the picture on the front was found in the wide web, but due to our genes/roots we have lost track of the photos origin. props for weronika ogłoza, camille wren & l.r. vis.


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski