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last march ep [the drowned magicians]

Posted 28/12/12
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents another ep by the drowned magicians. they went to the united kingdom last march and this is what they remembered.

2012 c the drowned magicians last march

with a z [3:13 navrovski, montgomery]
through the evening [2:04 navrovski]
qui nous fait retourner vers nous-mêmes, quand nous nous efforçons de nous en éloigner? [5:58 cioran, montgomery, beckins]
zoomed in on the left [1:39 montgomery, navrovski]
square four [3:04 navrovski]
nomads homads [4:53 montgomery]
noabuchodonozobulbulezar [2.35 navrovski]

all music by the drowned magicians
produced by nuño gomez and white
recorded on 30 nov at casa louique in utca utca
and on 5, 6, 7 oktobre & 3 nov at the clays in schaerbeek
mixed on 21-12-2012 & 22-12-2012

vocals, bass, guitars by nuño gomez
guitars, vocals by güntherpierre montgomery
guitars, vocals by hiroyasu beckins vocals,
drums by billy navrovski

vocals on “with a z” by camille wren

thanks to our family, bayar ilhan menzat, l.r. vis, lola kite, camille wren, fauve peirelink, q, mr. cavello, cresconio delarosa, wéronika, joel huggins, whitmore, kvdh, augustinus, lieve daens, clara, michelle, katrin hens, loulou l’ixelloise, lisa aerts, carinak tobak, sabrina king, loes & maaike, ranquil, nina dejong, francis


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski