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open hectic pertinent misbehaviour ep [billy navrovski quintet]

Posted 28/02/13
Written by billy

open hectic pertinent misbehaviour ep [billy navrovski quintet]

a cufnosed circus presents open hectic pertinent misbehaviour, an ep by billy navrovski quintet. this music was recorded at novanoïs [schaerbeek] on 20130127 by hiroyasu beckins. more than about having found the perfect pop song, this ep is about scrutinizing and misbehaving on a sunday.


2013 b billy navrovski quintet open hectic pertinent misbehaviour


chocolat [4.27]
persisting multiple margins [1.37]
scrutinize lightly [1.54]
what someday will [have] become [4.17]


music by billy navrovski quintet
recorded on 20130127 at novanoïs, schaerbeek
mixed at casa del’louique, february 2013
produced by gp & josé
vocals by nuño gomez
drums by billy navrovski
strings by q, mr. cavello, cresconio delarosa & nuño gomez
picture  by cantalia

billy navrovski quintet consists of billy, q, mr. cavello, nuño gomez & cresconio delarosa


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski