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ta k eof fff ep [the drowned magicians]

Posted 21/02/13
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents “tak eof f” by <b>the drowned magicians</b>, created during the estuary sessions and finished on a turquoise monday. close your eyes and lay on your bed with headphones on for a quarter of an hour.

2013 a the drowned magicians tak eof f

1 we [3.47 navrovski/montgomery, delarosa & navrovski]
2 arrival/arriving [2.15 montgomery, delarosa & navrovski]
3 deposition [1.50 montgomery, delarosa & navrovski]
4 succession/alternating [2.09 montgomery, delarosa & navrovski]
5 avowal [4.23 montgomery, delarosa & navrovski]

recorded on 20110627 & 20130210 in costa da walso
produced by nuño gomez
music by montgomery, delarosa & navrovski
words by navrovski

the drowned magicians are
cresconio delarosa: guitar
güntherpierre montgomery: guitar
billy navrovski: percussion & vocals


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski