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"opaque curtains" ep [the drowned magicians]

Posted 23/03/13
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents “opaque curtains” by the drowned magicians, another moment of introspection and a confession to salt water.

2013 c the drowned magicians opaque curtain


1 obsidian [0318 navrovski, montgomery, delarosa]
2 nothem [0108 delarosa, montgomery, navrovski]
3 unearthed [0228 montgomery, navrovski, delarosa]
4 onyx [0310 montgomery, delarosa, navrovski]


recorded on 20110627 in costa da walso
produced by nuño gomez
the drowned magicians are gunther-pierre montgomery, billy navrovski & cresconio delarosa


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski