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postmillennialism ep [the blackest wife alive]

Posted 02/04/13
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents <b>postmillennialism</b> by the blackest wife alive, which was recorded on 20130127.


2013 d the blackest wife alive postmillennialism



music by cavello, q, de la rosa, beckins & nawrocki
words by nawrocki
artwork by weronika ogłoza
recorded, produced & mixed by nuño gomez
guitars by mr. cavello, q que le q & cresconio de la rosa
bass by hiroyasu beckins
voice & drums by billy nawrocki


thanks to our family & friends, the beatles, buddha, jesus, محمد بن عبد الله بن عبد المطلب, haruki murakami, edgar poe, kamagurka, sammy beckett, verhelst, mark danielecki, jacques brel, emil cioran, ألبير camus, че́хов, brouwers & mauro pawlocki.
thanks to sun ra, charles mingus, enrico morricone, rudy trouvé, syr, grand corps malade, serge gainsbourg, sohrab, andrew lloyd webber, anouar brahem, kurt cobain, miles davis, waranoa, sytze, loïc kervyn de meerendre.
thanks to bandcamp, soundcloud, blogspot, dropbox, winamp, myspace, notepad, firefox, google, facebook, microsoft, msi, epiphone, fender, trace elliot, sjak zwier, dunlop, earnie ball, dan electro, hagström viking, esp ltd, thomann, key music, planken, billy saté, big muff, holy grail, tunamelt, dd-6, dd-7, tu-2, re-6 et cetera.
thanks to chesterfield, levi’s, h&m, drum, jupiler, rizzla, gauloises, duvel, leffe, dr. pepper, converse, paradijs, minecraft, andersom, bordeaux rood & checkpoint.
thanks to connexxion, veolia, ns, htc, uu, rentex, nokia, van kerckhoven, credoc, albert, citroën, samsung, nmbs, rabobank, hontenisse, utrecht, montpellier, breda, rotterdam, hulst, schaerbeek & zuid-oost.
thanks to komma, muziekgieterij, ceres, dbs, speelonk, mezz, rocksupplies, novanois & we would not only like to thank ‘novanoïs’ for giving us a spot to rehearse, but we would also like to apologise for the noise we made on their lazy sunday afternoon.
other people we’d like to apologise to are the ones that would be offended by our band name. as a matter of fact, it is an attempt to ridicule racism and sexism[, a bit] like ‘woman is the nigger of the world’ by john lennon or, more recently, ‘rape me’ by nirvana. we are ashamed the world is not yet as emancipated as we had imagined. free pussy riot, damn it!
the actual reason to choose this band name was the fact hiroyasu beckins started the bass line that defines the last song, which reminded the others of ‘timebomb’ by the whitest boy alive. actually, hiroyasu never decided to play the riff of ‘timebomb’, his bass line just anticipates/reacts on what was happening around him. we do like the song though, as we do like the bakery eirik bøe used to buy his bread near fløibanen as well.
because of this accidental intermusicality, billy jokingly proposed ‘the blackest wife alive’, somewhat inversing the name of the writers of ‘timebomb’, albeit he thought it might be too controversial. then again, who the fuck will ever listen to this album anyway? a cufnosed circus expects no more than 20; the five who participated, the girlfriends of them, the adorable lady who made the sleeve, two wanderers, three bots and five lost souls. on top of that, avant-garde would be nowhere without provocation.
and we do love women, and blacks, and black women.
we’re xenophiles & we disagree on the english language lacking proper words for ethnical origin or colours of skin. no one is white or black. in light, white is the presence of all colours and black the absence. in painting, it is the other way around. then, they are approximations of complete lack of colour, in black’s case. black is the unseeable. we’ve never met anyone completely white nor completely black. skins can be an approximation of lightness or darkness, but never the colour that would be the equivalent of complete absence of colour. so the choice of the title is a fuck you to dualism. there is not black nor white, nor blurry greyness – it’s all the colours in between, not a mixture of two opposites, but a mélange of all the colours


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski