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autumn update

Posted 07/10/13
Written by billy
two weeks ago, the drowned magicians rehearsed for the first time after their show in the komma. they met at q's and played from 4 to 10 with augustinus languaro, billy nawrwosky, cresconio delarosa, güntherpierre montgommery, mr. cavello & q que le q. the rehearsal, that is. the night before q, cresconio & billy went out for a drink and the night after it was güntherpierre with q, augustinus & billy. the four of them went to a party where a small gig by the birthday girl was given and they also sang a slow rendition of "think" by aretha franklin with all the people in the room, around twenty, while billy sang "freedom" from mingus.
the sunday beforehand, nuño and billy went to nijmegen. after waking up from cresconio's party, where they had also met q & augustin, they took a train to the east of the netherlands. you can find some pictures if you scroll down.

a cufnosed circus will have a promotion kit with a manifesto & usb stick before christmas, including estuary sessions, a song from cresconio, one from r8, and interview we did and so on.
also, we are proud to inform you that q and you can't tel aviv will frequent the circus more often.


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski