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m o onoloo oo gues ep [billy navrovski sextet]

Posted 04/11/13
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents monologues by billy navrovski sextet, recorded at twenty meters off the maas.

2013 k billy navrovski sextet monologue

em bed [4.41]
circong [2.30]
skin into [2.01]
aramon [3.32]
5 il y avait [2.41]
6 il y aurait [1.53]
7 il y a [1.45]
8 il y aura [2.00]
waiting for pizze [5.11]

words by billy
music by the sextet
artwork by güntherpierre & billy
recorded live at waterfront, rotterdam on 20130928
mixed & produced by nuño gomez

the sextet consists of

augustin languaro [bass 12345678 guitar 9]
billy navrovski [vocals 12345678 bass 9]
cresconio de la rosa [drums 12345678 guitar 9]
güntherpierre montgommery [guitar 123456789 vox 9]
mr. cavello [guitar 12345678 drums 9]
q que le q [guitar 123456789]


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski