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estuary [the drowned magicians]

Posted 31/01/14
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus is proud to present the vertical estuary triptych the revelling sea tries to indulge the state of a river beyond a collage of atmospheres captured in one week of scorching recording sessions by the drowned magicians, which will be released on 3 february fourteen.

2014 a the drowned magicians the revelling sea tries
2014 b the drowned magicians to indulge the state
2013 l the drowned magicians of a river beyond


“the revelling sea tries”

1    sitting at seemingly [4.01]
2    exbrace [15.11]
3    era [19.50]
4    the eagle has landed [6.18]

“to indulge the state”

1      careless, but timid towards the rut [11.57]
2      naivity d’une âme seule [3.28]
3      donquer [5.16]
4      hum mignon [10.28]
5      putting stress on presence [2.26]
6      what pleases the trotter [14.02]

“of a river beyond”

1    distance [5.41]
2    causal [5.38]
3    eeried/purl/biased [16.44]
4    afternoon with little conversation [4.16]
5    actually achieving [5.21]
6    continuous joy, calm and satisfying [11.20]

recorded at an estuary in june 2011.
all sounds by cresconio de la rosa, billy navrovski and günther-pierre montgommery
mixed by nuño gomez


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski