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matinée in perkpolder [you can't tel aviv]

Posted 28/02/14
Written by billy
a cufnosed circus presents six songs by you can’t tel aviv, that were recorded on a sunday.

1. The exploration of orientation / Universal sounds of the open minded 07:10
2. god’s bathtub 02:03
3. Course correction to abandoned spaces 04:37
4. As fortitude unfolds 02:12
5. The exploration of orientation Part 2 02:55
6. Watching people 05:09

Recorded live in cultuurpaviljoen de Perk, Perkpolder, 2013-12-08
by Billy Saté & Wopla.
Mixed by Nuño Gomez.
Thanks to Lenno.


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski