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atan ep [the drowned magicians]

Posted 28/07/14
Written by billy
a cufnosed circus presents atan an ep by the drowned magicians

1 tendance [0.06]
2 options [1.42]
3 tu entends [0.02]
4 attends [0.38]
5 t'entends [1.13]
6 tin tin [0.03]
7 à temps [0.42]
8 espace [1.27]

music by gp, ibrahim & billy
lyrics by billy & augustin
produced by nuño

in the summer of 2014, a couple of these fragments ought to be used for 'listen to the drums', an initiative by oggy records. unfortunately, the waal river flooded due to heavy rains so the steel drums in which the music was being played got soaked and consequently the gear was broken. they are trying to fix it so hopefully one day two fragments will be played.


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski