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practising spells [billy navrovski and the adjective nouns]

Posted 05/01/15
Written by billy

a cufnosed circus presents fourty eight minutes of sounds that were recorded on the twentynineth of november 2014 by "billy navrovski and the adjective nouns". 'practising spells' is what it says. 

1. the farmer and the sorcerer [billy, augustin/quintet] 6:41
2. growing back your heart [augustin, billy, gp/quintet] 17:59
3. a physical description of the eye [cresconio/quintet] 3:46
4. the stunning and little-understood annual migration of millions of monarch butterflies [quintet] 7:31
5. an ode to 8:38pm [billy, gp/quintet] 11:53

all words by the singers, except for "a physical description of the eye" which was taken from this text.
"growing back your heart" includes the poem "modern souls".
"an ode to 8:38am" incudes the poems from "an ode to 2:36am" and "bidding".

music by the quintet that consists of:
cresconio: reading, rhythm, strings, effects
billy: telling, rhythm
augustin: singing, rhythm, strings
gp: crying, strings, effects
q: strings, effects, organic pog

recorded, produced & mixed by nuño gomez
artwork by billy, supplies by rianne goossens, digitalised by nuño


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski