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waiting for quinten [ep]

Posted 03/04/15
Written by billy
a cufnosed circus presents 'waiting for quinten', a combination of some drowned magicians and laboule. exactly one year ago the drowned magicians travelled to switzerland and italy to do a couple of intimate shows. between the mountains, we were hosted by the marvelous sonia and paolo. last summer, we saw them again in bruxelles and we seized the opportunity to record this.

1 bitto [6.19]
2 expanding and embellishing [02:24]
3 homemade sangria [02:44]
4 mass [10:14]

recorded at the clays by paolo novellino on 21/7/2014
mixed and produced by nuño gomez

augustin languaro: piano, vocals, bass
billy navrovski: bass, percussion, piano, vocals 
gp montgommery: percussion, vocals 
paolo 'laboule' novellini: guitar, piano
sonia fanoni: percussion


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski