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live in de audio plant [the drowned magicians ep]

Posted 05/06/15
Written by billy
a cufnosed circus presents a live registration of the drowned magicians in a small attic [in the banlieu of antwerp] with the most peculiar recycled objects, on top of a cosy and cold waiting room like room, hidden behind a patio with piles of pallets and tiles.

1 emile lemineur [05:55]
2 transcendental hesitation [03:17]
3 il y [12:11]
4 route to [08:08]
5 envy subtropical festivities as white men [11:53]
6 this skilful misleading [03:08]
7 fallow [05:29]

recorded live by warre fungus
mixed by nuño gomez
recorded in de audio plant 10.01.2015
photo on the cover by kwark rietveld

music by güntherpierre montgomery, billy navrovski, cresconio de la rosa, q que le q & stinus languaro

drums here and there by warra warra


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski