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Bob Beeldhouwer

Bob Beeldhouwer (1951) was a Texord born singer songwriter who played in bad medecine and continued his career solo in the eighties. He was born in the Malay Corner neighbourhood, where he grew up with Papa Beer. Bobby’s parents were Theo and Mariam and died when he was only just a boy, after which he stayed at his aunties house from 1962.
Bobby played with bad medecine from the beginning till 1978. He hung with Papa Beer in the parks halfway the sixties and convinced Piet de Hond of growing his hair and driving them around Europe in a van. In the beginning of the seventies, Bobby had grown unfamiliar with his role as a bassist and wanted to form his own band. In the sabbatical, he recorded his first album. It derived from bad medecine towards reggae and ska.
When Papa Beer asked him to join in the support of the new bad medecine album, he didn't want to give up his own group. As he wanted to develop his guitar skills, Papa Beer convinced him of staying longer and do guitar for the new record. On the tour that followed, it was clear that Papa Beer and Bello were influenced by the punk movement and were looking for a rougher approach of rock 'n' roll music.
Bobby focused on his third solo record and made many after. Sporadically he joined the group again, most famously on the 1983 live album "with tapestries, bottlenecks & tobacco". His solo career consists of fifteen studio albums in over more than three decades.


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