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Matt N'Debe

Matthew N'Debe was an American musician who became famous in New York in the late sixties and left a tragic dead in 1975. He released three albums with his band before joining bad medecine in 1970. He was known for his blue Fenders, his poetic approach to pop songs and his flamboyant appearance. In 1971 he married and had two sons.
Matt grew up in the Bronx in a family of immigrants from Sierra Leona. He dropped out of school at sixteen and focused on guitar afterwards. He heavily played the blues and changed his style seeing bob Dylan in 1966. He formed a band with John Brown and William Davis, with whom he played in bars throughout New York.
In 1968 their first record was released, of which two songs were often played on the radio. Afterwards, they toured throughout America and slowly built up more fans. In the winter Matt released a solo album with on one sides poems and on the other side acoustic guitar songs. In 1969, they stayed in the West coast and recorded an album before the summer. While that record was being physically made, the trio went to Woodstock as visitors. "The music they made was not very distinctive, but Matt's vocals made them a great band." wrote some journal in a review for a show the band did in LA.
In 1970, weeks before releasing the third album, Matt was introduced to Papa Beer who had just arrived in America for a six months during world tour. He offered them a place to sleep and even though they'd booked hotels, bad medecine decided to stay with Matt. In a former factory with multiple storeys, Matt had installed loads of beds in the rooms and a small stage in what once was the canteen.
When the hiatus of bad medecine was announced, Matt decided to make music with other people and went back to NY.


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