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mick oe

Mick Oe [born Michael Ghilaine Slavan] is a musician and producer from Texord. Michael was born in 1932 from a Wallonian father and a Dutch mother. In the fifties, he was one of the first young pop acts to be. With his band he played the blues faster than most and radio's played his music only in the late evenings.
In the beginning of the sixties, Mick bought a couple of vacant factories in the former industrial area of Texord and turned them into studios. The total of four hangars were initially intended for film, music, painting & literature. Until 1976, the cinema aired at least five different movies every week. The gallery was used as a venue as well and only in 1984, it was turned into a studio. The fourth hangar began as a bar/shop which only lasted for two years. It functioned subsequently as a filming set, gallery, venue, cinéma etc.
Mick is known for his work with bad medecine but also collaborated with Dana Juelva, the Mumblers, apopa, r8?, Billy Navrovski Quartet and Baistro.


a cufnosed circus

billy navrovski