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no eastern inspiration in this case

1974 no eastern inspiration in this case
No eastern inspiration in this case is the sixth studio album by Tèxord based rock group bad medecine. The album was recorded in the summer of 1974 and released after the band had already announced their hiatus. After the first two pressings had sold way slower than expected and the band being completely dispersed, it was decided that no more copies were pressed.


1. [4.12]  no eastern inspiration in this case [n’debe/n’debe]
2. [7.58]  don’t cry [slight return] [k, n’debe/k, n’debe]
3. [4.31]  dead [on the road for ages] [k/k, n’debe]
4. [4.48]  there’s always people thinking they’re jesus [k/k]
5. [17.01]  the razed king
         zero [k/k, beeldhouwer]
         hero [/k, n’debe]
         coda [k/debakker, bello]
6. [4.22]  silver [bello/bello, k, beeldhouwer]


Papa Beer : vocals + guitars
Bob Beeldhouwer : bass
Bello : drums
Matt N’Debe : guitars, piano
Gérardo Debakker : hammond organ, fender rhodes
Ino del Haybo : guitars
Recorded at the Mick Studiós, Tèxord in April – May1974
Produced by Mick Oe
Engineered by Gérardo Debakker
Mixed at the Mick studiós, Tèxord in June 1974
Released at myzelf music inc., August 1974


The reception of their previous album ‘famous’ had been great and consequently, the band was booked for bigger venues and they played even more gigs than before. They eventually set off to travel in convoy, but it escalated quickly. The convoy got associated with drug use after a small documentary by national German television after which Ino del Haybo got arrested in the autumn of 1973. The band stated to be able to keep up with the scheme, they had to take drugs.
Travelling around the globe, the band got influenced by all the different cultures they encountered. Especially in their clothing, the Indian and African influences were visible. Bobby and Papa Beer both wore both dreadlocks, whereas Bello and Haybo were known for their Eastern wardrobe. Matt and Bobby exclusively dressed in African textiles.

Writing and composition

Musically, the blues from the first albums had been influenced by psychedelic and symphonic rock, on top of contemporary reggae and hardrock. For this record, Papa Beer played predominantly on a Gibson Firebird, where Matthew preferred Fenders. Ino played on Gibson Les Paul and Bobby played on Rickenbacker bases. Bello played Ludwig drums and Gérardo played Fender rhodes and Vox continental combo organ, and experimented on the record with Moog synths and a Gibson kalamazoo G-101.
In the spring of 1974, bad medecine came back from nearly two years of intense touring. Meanwhile, the members’ philosophies had grown apart and Bob and Matt had begun writing songs they didn’t find fit for bad medecine. In late 1973, Bobby had already told the others he wanted to fix on his own music and Ino joined him in writing. Matt also wanted to record a solo album so the band decided to go on hiatus after the intense tour supporting ‘famous’.
Before splitting completely, Papa Beer wanted to record the new songs he had written had on the last tour, including the song they ended their shows with, being ‘the razed king’. On top of that, the album consists of Bello’s first song, a new interpretation of their songs ‘don’t cry’ and three more songs by Papa Beer & Matt. The sextet hired the Mick Studios for over a month, but the recordings were done after a bit over a week. As the band didn’t want to continue immediately, they decided not to write songs, but just take the material they’d recorded. In the following weeks, Matt and Bobby both used the studios for their solo projects.

Artwork and release

The artwork was done by Ino’s girlfriend and depicts the four elements. On the back of the cover, there’s a black background with polaroids of the heads of the musicians as mugshots. The inner sleeve states the credits for the album with black letters on red paper. The first pressing of the album was done in 500.000 and as the band broke up, they did not want any more printed. Only with the rerelease of all albums on 1992, bad medecine decided to reprint the album. The letters BM on the vinyl are green on a light blue background.
When the album was officially released in August 1974. Matt N’Debe had already left for the US, where he went in the studio to record a solo album. Bello started arranging his film which was released in 1976. Bobby hired the Mick Studios again to record his first album ‘tbc’ with the help of Gérardo. Ino had to go to jail for over four months, charged for smuggling and possessing drugs. Papa Beer wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do so he started travelling through Africa.


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