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one is the third album by bad medecine which was released in December 1969. It is a collection of new songs, their first EP originally released in 1967 and songs that hadn’t made their previous albums. It was the first album that was released world wide and reached nr 1 in UK and US.  


1. [4.52] come on [fergusson/fergusson]
2. [5.41] popanovic [k/k, oe]
3. [2.56] 2 4 me [beeldhouwer/beeldhouwer]
4. [2.17] go away [beeldhouwer/k,beeldhouwer]
5. [5.03] six hours [k/k, beeldhouwer, heulot]    

6. [3.21] damn [k/k, beeldhouwer]
7. [2.06] one [k/beeldhouwer, dehond]
8. [4.15] two [beeldhouwer, dehond]
9. [12.42] bad medecine [k/k]    


Papa Beer : vocals + guitars
Bob Beeldhouwer : bass
Piet Dehond : drums    

Leadvocals on “2 4 me” and “go away” by Bobby B
Guitars on “two” by Bobby B
Drums on “2 4 me” and “go away” by Stéphane Heulot
Hammond organ on “popanovic” and “six hours” and “two” by Gérardo Debakker
Mouth organ on “2 4 me” by Papa Beer

3, 4 recorded at the Mick studiós, ds on July 1967 [ep]
2, 5, 6 recorded at the Mick studiós, ds on February 1968 [youth]
7, 8 recorded at the Mick studiós, ds on December 1968 [“traffic”]
1, 9 recorded at the Mick studiós, ds on May 1969 [ep]

Produced by Mick Oe
Engineered by Gérardo Debakker
Mixed at the Mick Studiós, Tèxord in July 1967 – May 1969
Released at Myzelf Music inc. July 1969


Following the release of “traffic”, bad medecine went on tour during the summer and released their single ‘bad medecine’, which surprisingly launched the international breakthrough of the young rockers. John Fergusson realised that fans might become disappointed if they bought the album where the single wasn’t on, so he collected their already out of print first EP, added the single and some b-sides which he collected as the album that was named ‘one’, without asking the opinion of the band. What they found wrong was that Bobby was credit as Bob and Papa Beer as Papa Bear. Fergusson had defended himself as it was an internal release and he didn’t find Beer inappropriate. The worst was the lack of communication, which made the band decide to break the contract with immediate effect.

The band was too busy touring in the summer of 1969 through Europe in smaller venues, and redid the same cities in the autumn. By their second tour, Fergusson had arranged tv interviews and bigger venues which all added to the popularity of the group. He releases the single ‘come on’ which had already raised the tensions with the band, but they cared more about their shows than about what song was released as a single and they carried on playing the songs they wanted live.

Writing and composition

With the exception of the song ‘bad medecine’, the lyrics on ‘one’ are less explicit than the previous albums. Fergusson had well chosen the rather easy bluesy songs and not the ones the band wanted to play live. Following bands as The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Led Zeppelin, bad medecine used loads of gain to distort the sound of their string instruments even though Piet kept his drumming a lot simpler. Papa Beer had the tendency to be political in his lyrics without really choosing a side, but simply showing the problems.

Release and reception

The record sold over a million records in its first year and was soon released in the US as well. When the band had gained fame in Europe and had been on the road for over half a year, tickets were bought to go to New York. Piet, who had always been more interested in the technical side of sound, left the band and introduced the other two to his cousin Bello, who joined as a 16 year old before they went to the US in late 1969.

The album received critical acclaim. According to a magazine, "One is a collection of small jewels, bluesy and young. bad medecine shows they can play very well and not only Papa Beer but also Bobby is a great vocalist. They rock like Led Zeppelin and are able not only to moan, but to swing as well.”


For the album, John Fergusson wanted to stay rather neutral and decided to put the logo the band had been using - a B underneath the M - on the cover. The band was very happy with the design, and wasn’t bothered by the title either. One is also the first bad medecine record which has their logo on the vinyl, with the whole of the disc in the upper part of the capital B. The letters are black on a white background.


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