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the other side of god child of jesus

2000 the otherside of god / child of jesus

the otherside of god / child of jesus is the nineteenth studio album of the Tèxord based alternative rock band bad medecine. It was recorded over different studio sessions throughout 2000 and released in December that year. As there is a lot of thematic correspondences is nearly all the songs, this album is the only concept album in their catalogue.


01.  [3.09]  aethiopia [k/k]
02.  [4.17]  close your eyes [k/k, rafa, nero’s heroes]  
03.  [4.03]  ankh [or the other side] [k/k, rafa, robijn, bello, gomez]    
04.  [6.11]  you, god above me, you got above me [k/k, gomez, rafa]
05.  [2.14]  martyrs in babel [k/k, bello]
06.  [5.41]  doog/dab [k/k, rafa, bello]
07.  [4.12]  a.k.a. [k, robijn/k, nero’s heroes]  
08.  [7.02]  om [k/bello, k, rafa, robijn]      
09.  [3.16]  zion [k/k, robijn, rafa, bello]
10.  [5.12]  bacchus [k/k, rafa]
11.  [1.54]  a little tale [k, rafa, bello/bello]  
12.  [4.38]  travel to no truth [k/k, rafa]  
13.  [4.21]  wooden necklace [k/k, rafa, nero’s heroes]         
14.  [7.33]  child of jesus [k/k, rafa, gomez, robijn, bello]


Papa Beer : vocals + guitars
Bello :  drums 
Robijn : guitar + backings
Rafa : guitars + bass + backings
Nuño Gomez : piano [4, 7, 11]

The Nero’s Heroes [strings on 2, 4, 7, 8, 11, 13] are
Guy Leekens (viola)
Nairobi Kambiri (violin)
Leo Marinsky (violin)
Gwenn Daramo (cello)

Lead vocals on ‘go heavy’ and ‘child of jesus’ by Rafa
Lead vocals and guitars on ‘you, god...’ by Nuño & Papa Beer
Lead vocals on ‘om’, ‘child of jesus’ and ‘ankh’ by Dana Juelva

Recorded at Papa Beer’s home studios, in July – October 2000
Produced by Nuño Gomez
Engineered by Cas Jansze
Mixed at “mix-tu-dio” by Sintí
Released at myzelf music inc, in December 2000


When Robijn was diving in the archives of bad medecine for the ‘four’ compilation album, he discovered tapes of Papa Beer talking about a concept album full of spiritual songs. Papa Beer remembered this idea from the begin seventies and searched for the lyrics he’d already written for it, which he found in 1995. He didn’t tell his son and only with the recording of ‘bèbè’, he showed them to the band, having added new lyrics as well. Initially, the album was supposed to be a long prayer called ‘child of jesus’, but Papa Beer’s believe had changed through the years, which made them add ‘the otherside of god’ to the title.

Writing and composition

Being the only conceptual album of bad medecine, the theme of the lyrics on album is spirituality. Both ‘close your eyes’ and ‘om’ float on Hinduism/Buddhism ideas of meditation, whilst ‘martyrs in babel’ is a short sufi inspired song, copying the muslim mystic’s musical scale. The songs ‘zion’ and ‘doog/dab’ discuss free will and dualism, while different religions are the subject of ‘a.k.a.’. The creator’s duty is questioned in ‘you, God above me’ and Papa Beer discusses black people’s claim to Judaism in ‘aethiopia’; and choosing live above heaven is the topic in ‘ankh’. The song ‘wooden necklace’ is about superstition while doubt in religion is discussed in ‘martyr in babel’ and ‘travel to no truth’.

More than a retelling of the religious aspect, the lyrics pose critical questions, show doubts, and sketch analogies between different religions, showing Papa Beer’s conviction of coexistence. Papa Beer is credited as K Debeear, Robijn as R Debeear, Rafael as R Vantschildt and Bello as Bello.

​Musically, it is intertwined [as the band had done on ‘broken’] in musical themes and several songs have the same chords scale [as they’d done with the reprises on ‘famous’] such as ‘aethiopia’, ‘a.k.a.’, ‘zion’ and ’wooden necklage’. The album is progressive and the atmosphere is rather darkish, partly because of the use of dissonants. There is a verse in 7/8 that comes back in more songs ‘ankh’, ‘bacchus’ and ‘child of jesus’.

Release and reception

The album met with positive reviews and sold well in the first months. John Dehaan from TMM praised the album for being "an apocalyptic summary of rock music" whilst a UK based journalist described the music as "the best concept album since Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. (...) bad medecine landed on the planet rock and built their own religion, reaching more followers every time they release a new record. (...) It is gonna be terribly hard to exceed this album."

The music turned out to be hard to play live and their following live shows focused more on the songs of bèbè. After their eleventh world tour, the band went into the studio to record their next and last album 'rock 'n' roll'.


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