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Robijn de Beear was born in Tèxord in 1972. His parents were Karolez de Beear and Marte. He grew up in Tèxord, mostly raised by his mom and aunt. On his tenth Robijn he began to show interest in music, the profession of his dad. In 1984 – 1985 Robijn’s dad came living with his mom and siblings.
In 1988, when Robijn was only sixteen, he traveled with bad medecine for the first time for over a week. He had already attended a gig on the 1987 tour and he had joined the group live already several times during that year. Also in the weekends, he would the trio at Papa Beer’s new house with a studio.
When he was fourteen, he met Rafael Van het schildt at school and started making music with him as well. They called their group Blood Brothers, when they made their first cassette themselves in 1990. Their first album was released in 1994 and they remixed bad medecine’s outtakes. In the mid-nineties, he toured with the band for six months.
When bad medecine broke up in 2002, Robijn and Rafael focused more on their own projects again. In 2005/6, they went to the residence near the sea where they stayed the whole year, inviting different people to make records with. Every now and then, they would invite a different singer songwriter to stay with them for a month. Throughout these sessions, they also recorded songs themselves, resulting in releasing thirteen albums in two years.
Afterwards, they toured for over a year with the Blood Brothers again, with all their new songs. Upon returning, the band all did different projects from 2009. Robijn produced five records in 2010 and made an electro album in 2011. After which there was a tour by the Blood Brothers, but no album as the band disagreed on what the band should sound like. The following year, Robijn produced three records with other artists and the Blood Brothers tour without Rafaello for the first time.
In 2014 he released a solo album and in 2015 there is a record with the Blood Brothers again. They tour without Rafael again, performing a bunch of bad medecine songs throughout their sets.
Robijn lives together with his girlfriend, whom he met in 1989. In 1993, they bought a house in East-Tèxord. In 2000, they had a boy and a daughter in 2007.


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