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wished to be dead

1982 wished to be dead
"Wished to be Dead" is a double album that was recorded as a collaboration of bad medecine and the Punkers. It is the twelfth album in bad medecine’s discography and the fourth in the Punkers. Both A-sides were credited as bad medecine and both B-sides as punker-songs, although the songs were played by the same musicians.


bad medecine
1. [1.05]  vaher [k/k]
2. [1.36]  punk [k/k, bello, nero]
3. [5.11]  d.Ernest [k/k]
4. [6.12]  wished to be dead [k, daffy/k, daffy]
5. [2.43]  india [bello, daffy/daffy, k]
6. [2.51]  flash [daffy, k/k, bello, daffy]
the punkers
7. [2.14]  seconds [daffy/daffy, k, nero]
8. [6.08]  guitar solo [/daffy, k]
9. [3.32]  communistic renaissance [daffy/daffy, zero, nero]
10. [6.19]  she was drunk & i undressed her [k, daffy/k, nero]
11. [3.02]  meet the pig [daffy/daffy, nero]
bad medecine
12. [2.19]  angry diane [k/k, daffy]
13. [1.58]  leather [k/k, daffy, nero, bello]
14. [2.03]  24/7 [k/bello, k]
15. [4.25]  i was drunk & she undressed me [k, daffy/k, daffy]
16. [6.11]  always punk [k/k, bello]
17. [2.38]  slightly [daffy/k, nero]
the punkers
18. [7.16]  what is your idea about our thrift [nero/nero]
19. [3.21]  dancing at four [o’clock] for you [daffy/daffy]
20. [8.37]  mess [k, daffy/k, daffy, nero, bello, zero]


Papa Beer : vocals + guitars
Bello : drums
Kuerten ‘Daffy’ Taffeland: vocals
Martinus ‘Nero’ Kalefnikov : bass
Björn ‘Zero’ Taffeland: guitars
Recorded in Paris in March 1982  
Produced by Julien Berger
Engineered by Charles Capuche
Mixed at the Mick Studiós, Tèxord
Released at Myzelf Music Inc., July 1982


After the world tour supporting ‘she smoked with elegance’, Daan Kasteel & Lex Demarco decided to leave the band. This was much to the regret of Papa Beer and Bello, who had struggled finding replacement for Bobby and they were very happy with both Daan and Lex as a part of bad medecine. The 1981 world tour had seen them play in medium venues, much to the joy of the members and they had played a lot in the punk circuit through the USA.
When Daan and Lex had left the band in the autumn of 1981, Papa Beer and Bello had done some gigs with the two of them, but they weren’t satisfied with it. Moreover, they had been taking a good deal of cocaine to keep up with the touring scheme. The impact on the band’s performance and health hadn’t been very positive and the presence of the drug was one of the reasons for Daan to leave.

Writing and composition

In the beginning of 1982, the Punkers had asked Bello to join them on tour as their own drummer had left the group. Bello initially wasn’t sure, but when he told Papa Beer he got convinced and the bands met up and decided to go on tour. Sometimes, they would play with local punk bands and bad medecine was completed with the Punkers’ bassist Nero, or another bassist would jump in. Bello would then play a second gig and often [when the Punkers’ guitarist Zero or Nero would be too drunk] Papa Beer would join them. Alternatively, they would set up the stage with both or more bands gear and alternate every three to six songs.
After one month of touring, Daffy rented a warehouse in Barcelona and wanted to record an album with the two bands. For the recording of this album, the band would drive through the city and in the afternoon, and in the evening they rehearsed, recorded and brainstormed about lyrics, performance, chords & sleeves. The artwork was done by Daffy. Both record’s A-sides are credited as ‘bad medecine’ and the B-sides are by ‘the punkers’. The letters BM are black on a grey background on both sides, the Punkers' sides have their own logo in black and grey as well.


The reception of the album was generally positive. Critics were positive about the release and the album sold better than the two previous bad medicine records. The summer of 1982 was full of shows for both the bands, though often they would be incomplete. In short, the tour was badly organised and the bands misbehaved in several venues, leaving them a notorious reputation. Near the autumn, they had no gigs planned and Papa Beer and Bello went back to Tèxord have auditions.
As bad medecine failed to find a bassist, they recorded an inaccessible ep in the winter of 1982 that was released in March 1983. That year they did play no more than a handful gigs in a semi-acoustic setting which resulted in ‘with tapestries, bottlenecks & tobacco’ that was released as a double album and accompanied by two singles ‘bad medecine‘ and ‘lady‘ that rose high in the charts.


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